One of my favorite episodes of any season of Top Chef is the reunion show. It's refreshing and fun to see the chefs out of the kitchen and away from the competition. I also love the intrusive questions host Andy Cohen inevitably asks. To discuss the get-together and find out who won fan favorite,


  1. Were you surprised to find out Stefan voted for himself for fan favorite?
  2. Which contestant looked the most different in street clothes?
  3. Gail said the judges fought over who should be Top Chef. Who supported Stefan and who supported Hosea?
  4. Did you forget about any of the contestants? When they flashed to Gene, I couldn't help but wonder, who is that guy?
  5. Do you want an "I Love Fabio" tee? I do!
  6. How hot was Tom when he described saving Joan Nathan's life?
  7. Would you be embarrassed to watch a recap of your adulterous relationship (like Leah obviously was)?
  8. How entertaining were the stew room clips? My favorite was when Leah and Jamie got wasted!
  9. Which part of the reunion did you most enjoy?
  10. Who was your fan favorite? As much as I love Fabio, I was hoping Carla would win.