Hot dogs and ostrich eggs were important ingredients on last night's episode of Top Chef. Things heated up in the kitchen of Tom Colicchio's Craft as the cheftestants had to make "new-American" cuisine. To discuss the episode (warning: spoilers ahead),


  1. Is Fabio for real? How can he possibly be every Italian cliché all rolled into one guy? Wasn't it hysterical when he defended his winning dish?
  2. Do you consider hot dogs to be a quintessential New York dish?
  3. Were you surprised by Radhika's quickfire win?
  4. Does your Whole Foods have mini pull carts? Mine doesn't!
  5. Would you have told Ariane her dessert was too sweet?
  6. Do or don't: cooking with canned crab on Top Chef?
  7. Gail was wearing the same dress she wore to the Macy's Culinary Council Party! Fab approves.
  8. Donatella mentioned that many of the dishes were dated in their presentation. Is good presentation as important as delicious flavor?
  9. After watching this video of Jill on the Internet last week, I knew she was headed for the chopping block. Thoughts?
  10. Now that we know the chefs a little better, who do you like/dislike? I'll start: I like Jamie, the Euros, and Richard. I dislike Carla, Alex, and Danny.

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