This week on a Thanksgiving episode of Top Chef, the Foo Fighters made a special appearance and award-winning chef and cancer survivor, Grant Achatz, was the guest judge. To discuss the episode (warning: spoilers ahead),


  1. Grant Achatz: kind of a hottie?
  2. Watching the start of the quickfire, did you want the Top Chef cookbook? I did!
  3. Do you like white asparagus?
  4. Were you surprised that Leah selected the most confident chefs?
  5. Do you consider Ariane a cougar?
  6. Can you imagine cooking Thanksgiving dinner in a microwave?
  7. Hosea made a fruit cobbler and referred to it as not his "most proud dessert." Would you serve a mediocre dessert to the judges?
  8. What dish did you want to eat at Thanksgiving? I want to try Fabio's pumpkin tiramisu.
  9. Was it weird how the elimination challenge had no winner?
  10. Between Jeff, Richard, and Danny, who deserved to go home?

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