Well another Wednesday night has come and gone and with it, the third episode of Top Chef season 5. Did you watch? To discuss the episode (warning: spoilers ahead),


  1. Can we talk about the intro? I'll admit I've done a little "put on my chef coat" dance in front of the mirror. Has anyone else?
  2. Do you consider Jamie the strongest member of Team Rainbow?
  3. Rocco: love him or hate him? I love him!
  4. What is your favorite breakfast?
  5. In Jamie and Leah's amuse bouche war, who won in your mind?
  6. What dish would you make for a television presentation?
  7. Which chef do you think is the best for television?
  8. Wasn't it interesting how we already knew which dish won?
  9. What did you think of Kathie Lee's behavior?
  10. Were you surprised by Ariane's win? Did she take the easy way out, making a salad?