Every week before I watch Top Chef, I head to Bravo.com to find out who won. Since I'm on the West Coast, the episode has already aired and the recaps, photos, and losing contestant can be found on the website. However, this week when I went to check out the exit interview, I couldn't find one. If you watched the holiday-themed episode, which had Martha Stewart as one of the guest judges, you know why! To discuss in more depth (warning: spoilers ahead),


  1. Isn't it weird to think the contestants had to shoot these holiday themed episodes in the middle of August?
  2. Ariane: Love her or hate her? She's totally grown on me!
  3. What's your go to one-pot dish?
  4. Wasn't it nice to see the chefs tasting each other's dishes?
  5. Was the gospel choir really necessary?
  6. Which of the 12 days was the hardest?
  7. Didn't you feel all warm and fuzzy when the entire crew got into the holiday spirit and came together to make Radhika and Hosea's ruined dishes work?
  8. Which dish looked the best to you?
  9. Were you surprised no one was sent home?
  10. Who do you think will go next?

Photo courtesy of Bravo