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Top Chef's Hosea Formally Apologizes For Kiss

Top Chef's Hosea Formally Apologizes For Kiss

In a blog posted last Friday on Bravo's website, Top Chef season 5 contestant, Hosea, offers his "apologies to anyone who was offended or upset" by the intimate moment he shared with fellow contestant, Leah on last week's restaurant wars episode. This is the first time romance has blossomed on the culinary competition. Although it was only a kiss, at the time of filming, both Hosea and Leah had significant others. After his apology, Hosea explains how he was significantly affected by the kiss:

Do I regret it? You bet. Did it throw off my game? Of course. Have I thought about it every day since? Yes. What can I do? Nothing. When I returned home, I told my girlfriend - one of the sweetest women on earth - what happened. She was willing to forgive me. Our relationship was never the same. We are no longer together. So I have to live with my mistakes and try and grow as a person from it.

Leah has made no public comment and the current status of the relationship between Hosea and Leah is unknown. While both chefs still have a chance at winning the Top Chef title, this kiss may have been their tragic downfall.

What do you think? Will Hosea or Leah win? How do you feel about Hosea's apology?


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reesiecup reesiecup 8 years
naughty kids!
bonniebonnie bonniebonnie 8 years
That situation left a bad taste in my mouth. I know it was heavily edited to lead up to that point, but it was so obvious to others that they even called the two "lovebirds." It's just very disrespectful of their SOs. Having been a person on both sides of the cheating game, I have a zero tolerance towards cheating now. I appreciate his apology because it was offensive, even as a viewer. Kudos to his gf for leaving him. I hope Leah's bf had the sense to leave her. Especially because it was so paraded around. I wish Arienne was still on the show. I liked her cooking better than Leah's.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I agree with tlsgirl
bebehaul24 bebehaul24 8 years
i just watched this episode last night and i thought their behavior was just so inappropriate. Hosea saying that they "like" each other must have been so hurtful for their respective significant others. and if you don't want anything to happen between yourself and someone you "like" then don't cuddle with them on a couch! Leah was practically on top of him...of course something happened!
caramelqtee75 caramelqtee75 8 years
Hosea know he did more than kiss that girl, she was THROWING it at him.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well - i think that when you're in a high stress situation like that - things do happen. doesn't mean that i condone it or think that it's ok but i think that it can happen. they both felt REALLY bad about it, and well it's a shame that he's no longer with his girlfriend. i'm sure that things will end up ok for him. as for him winning, maybe, but for leah - i'm not really thinking that she's got the ability...based on what we've seen so far.
shmoo15 shmoo15 8 years
You know better then to go on public television and even flirt with someone other than your SO. They were both dumb. But if they had that much chemistry, maybe we'll be seeing Leah and Hosea again. Although I truly hope not...Leah bugs.
sprock sprock 8 years
To be honest, at first, I really liked Hosea. However, as his relationship with Leah developed over the course of the show I found it hard to still like him. I have a low tolerance for cheating and both him and Leah kept saying "I can't let anything happen, balhbalbha..." THEN DON'T! How embarrassing is it for their significant others to see their boyfriend/girlfriend act like when they know they are being filmed? It was gross, to be honest.
yvettecq yvettecq 8 years
live and learn!
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
You play, you pay.
wunami wunami 8 years
I can't believe this got played up so much. Well, I can believe it. It's Bravo after all. I bet the producers were very happy that they ended up being on the same team both the last two episodes. Or was it rigged that way? Leah shouldn't be around much longer. Stefan and Fabio really saved her ass. If Radhika was a better leader, she would have had the management skills to stick someone else in the FOH and Leah would probably have gone home. Carla also really needs to go (or rather needed to go several episodes ago). That was an utterly horrible defense of her cooking this past episode. I feel like the producers are keeping her there because she says crazy things sometimes.
teegaall teegaall 8 years
But I think that with Zoi and Jen, they were a couple before they came onto the show right? Hosea and Leah are the first ones to DEVELOP a "relationship" on the show. Leah isn't as bad as those who have already been eliminated (except Arianne) but she won't be making it much further. Hosea has a very good chance of making top 3.
Dana18 Dana18 8 years
It is always a bad idea to mix business with pleasure. I'm petty sure the both of them are the next two to go.
mswender mswender 8 years
i agree tlsgirl! they were called the lovebirds! I was always annoyed with them, especially when leah said she needs attention from a male to feel good about herself! Get some self esteem please! I think it will hurt them in the competition. I never liked Leah so I looking froward to her going home, I like Hosea, but not as much as come of the other contestants
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Actually, now that I think about it, I would have been pissed off long before the actual kissing. Their behavior was just generally inappropriate all season.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I'm not surprised to hear that Hosea and his ex-girlfriend aren't together anymore. I am surprised to learn that she tried to forgive him though. I realize that sometimes people get caught up in the moment, but it's got to be so humiliating to have your boyfriend cheat on you on national TV. I don't think I could forgive someone for that.
wednesday_adams wednesday_adams 8 years
I thought the whole thing was just sleazy. The situation never would have gotten out of hand if either one of them had possessed the character to stop slightly inappropriate touching and flirting before it escalated to cheating on their significant others.
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 8 years
While I am hardly surprised, I am quite sad to hear that Hosea and his ex are no longer together. It's a real shame that it went down as it did - Hosea writes that "I am an honest, caring, and good person," and I believe him. I could tell from the first several episodes that Hosea was a decent guy, but there are so many ways that stress, unfamiliar surroundings, and competitive pressure can make a person act. I'd forgive Leah and Hosea if I were asked to do so. I also figure that Bravo and the Top Chef Producers, with the network's heavy emphasis on interpersonal drama, bear some responsibility too. I'm certainly not saying that what Hosea and Leah have entirely clean hands in this mess, but if this is really a cooking show, there's no need for that to be on film either. I know it's not *just* a cooking show (I mean, I'm a fan of the infighting as much as the next guy), but there's no way you can convince me that this wasn't milked and edited (and continuing to be milked and edited) for maximum value. And this isn't the first time romance has appeared in the Top Chef kitchen (don't forget Zoi and Jen from last season), though you're right - it was the first one to *start*, as far as we know.
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