In a blog posted last Friday on Bravo's website, Top Chef season 5 contestant, Hosea, offers his "apologies to anyone who was offended or upset" by the intimate moment he shared with fellow contestant, Leah on last week's restaurant wars episode. This is the first time romance has blossomed on the culinary competition. Although it was only a kiss, at the time of filming, both Hosea and Leah had significant others. After his apology, Hosea explains how he was significantly affected by the kiss:

Do I regret it? You bet. Did it throw off my game? Of course. Have I thought about it every day since? Yes. What can I do? Nothing. When I returned home, I told my girlfriend - one of the sweetest women on earth - what happened. She was willing to forgive me. Our relationship was never the same. We are no longer together. So I have to live with my mistakes and try and grow as a person from it.

Leah has made no public comment and the current status of the relationship between Hosea and Leah is unknown. While both chefs still have a chance at winning the Top Chef title, this kiss may have been their tragic downfall.

What do you think? Will Hosea or Leah win? How do you feel about Hosea's apology?