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Top Chef, MasterChef Victors Break New Ground

At virtually the same time last night, both Bravo's Top Chef and Fox's MasterChef crowned winners, and both victors defied the odds to take home the top prize. See who won and our thoughts on both, after the break.

In a not so shocking outcome, New Jersey native and former Bocuse d'Or USA competitor Kevin Sbraga took home the Top Chef: Washington DC prize, becoming the first-ever African-American to win the coveted title. When Padma Lakshmi announced that he was Top Chef, Sbraga's response was a stunned, "I am?" Given Ed's track record, I, too was surprised to see Kevin win — and even more surprised to see David Chang among the gaggle of guest judges. ("The concept of a TV show is something I don't feel comfortable with," he told me in an interview last year.)

Ironically, on a different channel, it was crunch time in what Gordon Ramsay called "the most pressurized contest tonight" — the inaugural American season of MasterChef. The unassuming Whitney Miller — the youngest contestant on the show at age 22 — beat out the oft-overconfident Dave Miller (no relation) to take home the $250,000 prize. But then again, you already knew that!


Were you surprised by the two outcomes? Are you, too, ambivalent about Kevin's win? Who did you feel should have won Top Chef and MasterChef?

Photos courtesy of Bravo and Fox

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Livvy-P Livvy-P 6 years
I was so happy that Whitney won - and especially happy that she beat David Miller. He rubbed me the wrong way all season. As for Top Chef - I was actually surprised that Kevin won - I thought that Ed was going to take it, since it seemed like Angelo was slowly but surely falling apart the last few episodes. Ed messed up by phoning in the dessert challenge - he never should have let Ilan take over (well except for the salted cream - that sounded delish). He could have done so much better than that! But I am happy that Kevin won. I was back & forth about him all season, but in the end, I did like him.
mannylove mannylove 6 years
I can't believe the MasterChef winner gets twice as much money as the Top Chef winner!
limelindsey limelindsey 6 years
No kidding! I was soooo nervous, and yelling at the TV too! I almost had a heart attack when she dropped the first chicken breast.
Food Food 6 years
I still can't believe she miraculously cooked that second batch of chicken all the way through.
limelindsey limelindsey 6 years
I was extremely excited that Whitney won! She was amazing and I still can't believe she's only 22. When I was 22 I was still eating pastaroni and salad from a bag.
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