Well, the next round of chefs competed this week on Top Chef Masters. It was interesting to see another set of professionals, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the host, Kelly Choi. What do you think of her? To discuss that and much more,


  1. So, after a couple of episodes, has Choi grown on you?
  2. Is the Frenchman, Ludo, hot or what?
  3. Do the masters not understand the time constraints?
  4. Why is there always that one chef who forgets something major?
  5. When Ludo was talking about cooking the pig's ears didn't he sound like Stefan?! "If you want to be the master, you need to know about food. I know how to cook the pig ear. I know cook the tripe, the tongue, the heart."
  6. Does Wilo's accent remind you of Ingrid Hoffmann from the Food Network?
  7. Ears, heart, stomach, tongue: which one are you most inclined to eat?
  8. Do you know how to use a pressure cooker?
  9. How do you feel about the judges? Gail? James? Jay?
  10. Could Bayless go all the way?