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Cooking Basics
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Cooking Basics
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Top Chef Masters: Episode 6

The first round of Top Chef Masters was completed last night. The final quartet of chefs included no females, but Jonathan Waxman, Roy Yamaguchi, Michael Cimarusti, and Art Smith. The best thing about this episode was the return of Gail Simmons. Did you watch? If you are interested in discussing,


  1. Is it bad that I secretly want Jonathan Waxman to win simply because he trained Bobby Flay?
  2. Have you ever been to Roy's? Do you like his Hawaiian Fusion?
  3. If you competed on Top Chef Masters, what would your charity be?
  4. How fabulous is Art Smith? Wouldn't Richard from Top Chef 5 consider him a teddy bear?
  5. Whose quickfire dish looked the best to you?
  6. There was a lot of camaraderie between the masters, do you think the regular Top Chef contestants would have felt differently about the shop-for-each-other elimination challenge?
  7. How inspiring was it when the chefs set each other up with wonderful ingredients?
  8. When should a chef cook out of his comfort zone and when should he stick to what he knows?
  9. "Gael Greene and I go way back." Do you think Jonathan and Gael had a fling in the 80s?
  10. Are you excited for the Champions Round?


Join The Conversation
RachLA RachLA 7 years
I love the camaraderie in TC Masters! In that way it's more enjoyable than the normal show. They all seem to respect and like each other (except that one episode with the snobby French guy, when they went to Universal Studios). The normal cheftestants would not have been kind with the shopping challenge, like that season four episode where Spike got to choose ingredients that no one else could use.
cko444 cko444 7 years
Don't have time to reply to all but: 4. Art was totally the Carla of that episode! (On a side note, I'm lucky enough to have eaten at Table 52. I can't honestly say it was the best meal I've ever had, but the greatest dishes there were EXCEPTIONAL.) 7. I'm not sure that's 100% true. I got the vibe that Jonathan was threatened by Michael's Quickfire scores and tried to trip him up a bit with the ingredients selected. Of course, I don't think Jonathan was trying to sabotage Michael - but he did pick foods that were further outside of Michael's "comfort zone" than the other chefs picked for each other. And dude just seemed a little smarmy. It's all good, though - the point of Top Chef is to be challenged, and if Michael had moved on, he would have had to go beyond seafood sooner or later anyway. 9. I seriously hope you're wrong!
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