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Top Chef Masters: Episode One

Well, Top Chef fans, what did you think of the spinoff, Top Chef Masters? I have mixed feelings about the show — I loved seeing the world-renowned chefs compete, but I hated seeing three of them fall so far, so quickly. I also didn't like how the stakes weren't as high: the four competitors are already established and well-respected professionals in the food industry.

They aren't desperate to win, their careers don't depend on the success of their performance. Top Chef Masters lacks the immediacy of the original. These chefs haven't shopped for groceries or made desserts in years, so who cares if they can't complete a quickfire challenge? To see the rest of my thoughts and discuss the premiere in more depth (warning, spoilers ahead!),


  1. Was I the only one who missed the signature Top Chef theme song?
  2. Why couldn't Michael Schlow make a dessert that pleased Girl Scouts? I understand that he was under a time restraint, but hello? Rice Krispy treats? Brownies? Cupcakes? He could have made any of these desserts and totally impressed the little girls.
  3. What did you think of Kelly Choi? Was she trying too hard? Is she too skinny to be the host of a culinary competition?
  4. Did Bravo fool the chefs? How come Michael Schlow's cake didn't bake? How did Tim Love not realize he was putting his food in the freezer?
  5. Would you eat macaroni and cheese that was made in a dorm bathroom?
  6. Was there too much emphasis placed on the charities?
  7. How did you feel about the critics table? Don't you love how it's not called "judges" table anymore?
  8. Did you love or hate the star rating system?
  9. Were you surprised Hubert won?
  10. What was your overall perspective on the show?


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