Although there's been speculation about the winner of Top Chef Masters, the second episode was full of its own excitement. Competitors from Top Chef season 2 were judges for a vending machine quickfire and the contestants, who included Elizabeth Falkner and Wylie Dufresne, had to create a tropical island themed meal fit for the creators of Lost. Did you watch? Let's discuss when you


  1. Do you think the term "molecular gastronomy" sounds sexy?
  2. How fabulous is Elizabeth Falkner? She's my hometown girl and I can't help but love her!
  3. Wasn't it refreshing to see the season 2 competitors as judges?
  4. Kelly Choi: has she grown on you or does she seem like Padma's cheap imitation? And why does she not eat anything?
  5. Whose food looked the best to you?
  6. How do you feel about the judges? I still miss Tom, Padma, and Gail.
  7. Were the masters meaner when they judged previous seasons of Top Chef?
  8. I don't know how I feel about the star system. Do you think it's fair? It seems like whoever wins the quickfire is a shoo-in to win the whole thing.
  9. Overall, what did you think of the second episode?