The outcome of last night's Top Chef surprised me: I was certain another cheftestant was going to go home. Did you catch the competition? Quaker Oats was the obvious sponsor of the quick fire challenge and the chef, Scott Conant, of New York City's Scarpetta acted as guest judge. What did you think of the Super Bowl themed episode? To discuss in more detail (warning: spoilers ahead),


  1. What did you think of the anti-climatic quickfire challenge? Were you surprised Stefan won the quickfire?
  2. Is this season so boring that Bravo had to bring back old cheftestants?
  3. Are the all-stars really stars? (I only remember the season 4 cheftestants)
  4. How could Jamie not know what to make for San Francisco? She is representing SF!
  5. Were you as happy as I was to see Andrew and Spike?
  6. Carla: crazy or cool?
  7. I was confused by the crowd judging. Did they get to taste the food?
  8. When Carla said, "a 20 minute gumbo? It's going to be a little bit daunting." All I could think about was Rachael Ray. She could definitely make a good gumbo in a mere 20 minutes.
  9. Does warm ceviche sound appetizing to you?
  10. Were the judges right to send home Jeff?