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Top Chef Recap 5.12: The Last Supper

We were down to the wire on last night's episode of Top Chef. With only 5 cheftestants left, they were truly put to the test in the final New York City elimination. Each had to make a special dish for a world-renowned culinary figure. Want to discuss the details? Well please (warning: spoilers ahead)


  1. Why hasn't Fabio won a quickfire challenge?
  2. Was this the longest quickfire challenge? They had an entire hour to make eggs!
  3. What would be your last supper?
  4. Were you glad to see Harold the winner of season 1, during the commercial break? I was!
  5. Is Stefan overly confident?
  6. Whose last supper dish was the weakest? Whose was the strongest?
  7. Was Fabio the unfair winner? After all, his dish — roast chicken, potatoes, and salad — was an easy, home-style dinner.
  8. Was Tom especially hard on the cheftestants during judges' table?
  9. Are you surprised Carla made it this far?
  10. Who are your picks for the final three? I'll start: Stefan, Hosea, and Carla.
  11. Are you excited for the final in New Orleans? I can't wait!


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