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Top Chef Recap 5.13: Season Finale Part 1

The season finale of Top Chef kicked off last night in New Orleans. It was refreshing to see the return of Gail Simmons and delightful to see ex-Food Network king, Emeril Lagasse, in a different light. To discuss all the delicious details (warning: spoilers ahead)


  1. What do you think of the new haircuts?! Carla has gone straight and Fabio has gone mohawk!
  2. Emeril Lagasse: love him or hate him?
  3. Was it nice to see the eliminated chefs? I was so glad to see Jamie!
  4. Was the quickfire challenge where they brought back one of the eliminated chefs a fair twist?
  5. Doesn't it seem like the female cheftestants were wearing more makeup?
  6. Were you surprised Jeff won the crawfish quickfire?
  7. Wasn't it crazy when Carla confessed that she had little experience shucking oysters? I mean, I can shuck them!
  8. Is Stefan overly confident?
  9. Was Carla's non-alcoholic cocktail too risky or perfectly brilliant?
  10. So who is going to win?!


yvettecq yvettecq 8 years
Stefan will probably take it though I wish it would be Carla. Sad to see Fabio go...would love to go to his restaurant during Halloween and see him dress up as a woman! He's obviously a great chef and very personable. On a unrelated note (kind of related)...I was watching Iron Chef America last night and Ariane (from earlier in the Top Chef season) was helping out Chef Amanda Freitag (who was up against Bobby Flay)...
Pallas-Athena Pallas-Athena 8 years
1. I didn't like Fabio's hair at first, but it grew on me. I thought Carla looked pretty. 2. I nothing him. 3. Eh, it didn't blow me away. 4. Top Chef isn't always fair. Jeff looked so sad when he lost and I sort of wanted him to win and sort of didn't. 5. They were. Jamie also gained weight. 6. I didn't really pay attention the 5 times I watched it. Should I be surprised? 7. It wasn't crazt to admit it, but to not research it while she was home was crazy. 8. Most times he is, but he also recognizes that he does Yo things wrong. He just pretends he doesn't care. 9. It was incredibly smart!!! 10. I don't know, but I'm okay as long as it isn't Hosea.
skiwi skiwi 8 years
Is there anyone else who finds something kind of sexy about Stefan? I don't know if it's that cocky, confident attitude or what! :P
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Carla is in the final 2???!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!! I missed it last night. :(
cddlykoala cddlykoala 8 years
I'm thoroughly convinced Fabio went home because of what he did to his hair. Had he not butchered that beautiful head of his, he would be here and the Finn would be out. Stephan has to win, the show needs credibility to maintain, and the purveyor of Jax's Fish House in Colorado isn't going to cut it. Though I think it will be Carla and Fabio who will probably benefit the most in their careers. I miss Fabio already!
doogirl doogirl 8 years
I am horribly disappointed to see Fabio leave, he was wonderful! I can't stand Hosea, I want him GONE!!! He's annoying and whiny, two traits I don't like. GO CARLA!!! Two female Top Chefs in a row would be awesome!!!
lylpookie lylpookie 8 years
1. Love the mohawk comment that Hosea said. Awesome! 2. Emeril Lagasse: love him or hate him? Funny you ask this...I used to HATE Emeril. But I've grown to respect him so much after Katrina. 3. It was nice to see the chefs...Jamie looked great! Jeff still comes off a bit spacy. Leah bumped up the make up, and it seemed as though Jeff was excited to see her. 4. I wasn't surprised by the twist...but I do think those 3 chefs had consistently proven themselves in the past. 5. Yes!!! Haha, I totally thought that as well...they realized how they looked on tv...especially Leah! 6. Naw, he's a southern boy, he knows the flavors. 7. I thought it was crazy she opted to make oyster stew when she had little experience. 8. Yespisodes these past few months, I'm sure in his mind he's solidified it. 9. I can respect her choice. If she's not a drinker, she should stick to her guns. 10. I still think Stefan, but I think Carla's definitely got a shot. I'd be surprised if Hosea wins
wdeanne wdeanne 8 years
1 What do you think of the new haircuts?! Loved Carla's hair; also thought she had a little color in it as well. Fabio's mohawk, IMO, took away from his handsome face. 2 Emeril Lagasse: love him or hate him? Love him!!! 3 Was it nice to see the eliminated chefs? Yes, I was happy to see Jeff and also that he won the Quickfire 4 Was the quickfire challenge where they brought back one of the eliminated chefs a fair twist? I enjoyed it - the final four didn't have to worry about a quickfire and it gave one of the others a chance to get back in the game. 5 Doesn't it seem like the female cheftestants were wearing more makeup? Yeah, I thought they were a little more glammed up. 6 Were you surprised Jeff won the crawfish quickfire? Not at all. 7 Wasn't it crazy when Carla confessed that she had little experience shucking oysters? No, not all Chef's master seafood. I did think it was funny that everyone kept asking her for things and she finally said hey...what about shucking some oysters...LOL!! 8 Is Stefan overly confident? I think so...I really wish they had left Jeff stay and been rid of Stefan and Fabio who were at the bottom of the pile. 9 Was Carla's non-alcoholic cocktail too risky or perfectly brilliant? Smart on her part for the very reason she stated, not everyone drinks and when you go to those type of functions to have a non-alcoholic beverage is refreshing. 10 So who is going to win?! Not sure, but at this point I would like it to be Carla. Stefan is too confident and Hosea is always whining about Stefan and that is just getting on my nerve.
mswender mswender 8 years
I can't wait for Fabio's exit interview either!
SweetSaucy SweetSaucy 8 years
I will miss Fabio. What a cutie. I wish Hosea would go home. He's got talent, but something about him bugs me. I'm really pleased Jeff got another chance. He went home unfairly in that silly Superbowl episode. Although Stefan has been slightly more annoying lately, I can't help still wanting him to win. Leah and Jamie were wearing lots more makeup! It helped them out a lot.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
Hooooray for Carla! I let out a yell of "hootie!" when her name was called. Yeah, she's a little nutty, but she's so much more appealing to me than any of the others who are left. I was surprised Jeff won the quickfire (but not shocked -- he does know southern flavors), and then I really thought he was close to winning the whole thing and staying in. But when the tradeoff is keeping Jeff vs. losing both Fabio and Stefan, that's a pretty big choice. I'm still resigned to the fact that Stefan will probably win, but dude needs to not phone it in next time. Speaking of phones -- I am so excited for your exit interview with Fabio!
ann418 ann418 8 years
1. I loved Carla's hair and really didn't like Fabio's. Especially since it looked like it had been a while since he did his mohawk. 2. I usually don't like Emeril, but I appreciated how positive he was with his criticism last night. He loved everything, and I think that really helped lessen the blow, for Jeff especially. AND I learned that the rue for gumbo has to be black from him - I had no idea! 3. I was glad to see Jamie, but I think if I was one of the chefs still in the competition, I would have wanted to do the quickfire to warm up a little before the elimination challenge. 4. NO! They're gone! They shouldn't get another chance! Drama for the sake of drama is never good. However, I do really like Jeff. 5. Ugh, yes. They always do look different and they try to look better when they come back. To prove that they're okay after they've gotten eliminated, maybe? 6. Absolutely not. That boy can cook Southern food! 7. I always wonder why they cook food that they're not confident with. Like Leah and crawfish - really? I would think, as a trained, professional chef, they would have more experience with all different types of food. But at least Carla got help in the end. 8. Disgustingly so. I want him to lose because of his arrogance, but he wouldn't let it bother him. It wouldn't even take him down a peg to lose. He is the very definition of overly confident. 9. I thought it was a great idea! If you're eating all of this spicy food, you've got to have something to cool your mouth down! Alcohol doesn't help with that! 10. Carla has significantly grown on me, I would be super excited if she won. But Hosea, as wimpy as he is, is from Colorado and so am I so I have to cheer for our hometown boy. And Stefan wouldn't be the worst choice, but I definitely wouldn't be happy or surprised if he won.
leilaelgameel leilaelgameel 8 years
1. I LOVED Carla's straight hair--she looked so good throughout the whole episode. I actually liked Fabio's new haircut. 2. I've never been crazy about Emeril but he seemed like a very fair judge so I warmed up to him. 3. I wouldn't say it was "nice" to see them b/c you had to know there was a twist in the quickfire. 4. The fact that Jeff HAD to win the elimination challenge balanced out the fact that he was brought back after being eliminated. 5. I definitely noticed that Leah was wearing makeup. Jamie looked nicer as well, with her hair down. 6. I wasn't surprised at all--I thought for a second that Jamie might've won it but Jeff is a Southerner so it makes sense that he can work really well with crawfish. 7. I don't think it was crazy--I love oysters but have no idea how to shuck them. I'm just glad she pulled through in the end for the win! 8. I'm so sick of Stefan--he might have pulled out some great dishes in the past but his cockiness is affecting his performance, which I think serves him right. I think being in the bottom two last night really alerted him to his ill behavior and that confidence isn't everything. 9. I think Carla's drink sounded incredible! It was smart of her to offer a non-alcoholic drink and I'm glad that she stood behind it 100%. 10. CARLA!!!
dmartinxoxo dmartinxoxo 8 years
1.Fabio looked a little bit more European... if you catch my drift. Carla is great! 2. I love Emeril! He is very knowledgeable about food and gave really good feedback. His recipes are very reliable as well! 3. Leah was typical Leah... nonchalant and cavalier. Jeff looked really cute with that hoodie; he is a very talented chef as well! Jamie seemed to be happy to be there! I wish she had won the quickfire. 4. It was a good quickfire, I feel like Leah went for something so predictable, Jamie did a tasty dish... I think that Emeril would've picked her over Leah in a second. 5. I think they were more rested looking... towards the end of the competition they were so exhausted and makeup seems ridiculous, but they were in New Orleans basically on vacation so the time was there for a change. 6. No he is a talented guy who just gets twisted up in his imagination ocasionally... but that is better than being uninspired a la Leah. Wow...I'm hating on Leah today! 7. I probably would've sliced my thumb off if I tried to shuck an oyster! 8. Stefan got fat! Hahahaha... now he's an overly confident fat Euro! 9. It sounded quite pedestrian actually... who here hasn't had a cranberry spritzer with lime? I've been drinking those since I was 13... 10. I want Carla to win! She is awesome and I much prefer her over Stefan who will most likely win... and Hosea who seems to be more focused on Stefan than actually being a chef.
ErinAeSook ErinAeSook 8 years
Leah looked surprised and almost annoyed to be there. (I know I felt that way seeing her there!) I was super happy for Carla. She's really grown on me. She and Fabio were the most fun to watch because of their personalities. Hosea who? As annoying as Stefan is, he is definitely the most talented chef there. I'll still be cheerin' for Carla though.
mswender mswender 8 years
I hated Carla in the beginning and now I want her to win it all! I was so happy she won the car. Something about Jeff just gets under my skin. Fabio will have his own show soon, everyone loves him and he is so charming, this is not the end of Fabio by any means!!! Stefan was annoying in this episode but I think it is between Stefan and Carla, I don't like Hosea.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
5 - I just remembered that my girlfriend and I specifically commented on how dolled up Jamie was. She looked good though.
NdHebert NdHebert 8 years
From a chefs point of view, Stefan should win. Hes a Master Chef for crying out loud and hes 36. Every master chef I have taken a class from has been like 60 or 70! Hes cocky, but its not 'Polite Chef' its Top Chef. And he should be Top Chef. Last night wasn't his best but his record there shows he is the best. Oh and in my opinion, the Top Chef should know how to shuck an oyster!!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
1. I actually like Carla better with the crazy hair. It suits her, and her craziness. 2. A little of both, actually. Sometimes he seems like he can actually cook, and sometimes he seems like a hack. 3. I was really hoping Jamie would come back. I wasn't so thrilled to see the other two. 4. I thought it was a crappy twist. 5. Leah certainly was, but the rest I didn't notice. 6. I wasn't necessarily surprised, but I would have rather seen Jamie come back. Jeff just doesn't do it for me. 7. Not necessarily. A lot of people probably don't know how to do it. 8. The last two challenges - yes, he has been too cocky. Before that I would have said he could back it up, but he's been messing up lately, and it seems connected to his overconfidence. 9. I was a little shocked. I mean, Mardi Gras in New Orleans? People are practically marinated in alcohol. 10. Please, please don't let it be Hosea. I will stop watching.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
I can't believe Hosea is still there! Am I the only one who thinks he can't cook!?
amelioratelj amelioratelj 8 years
I cannot believe Fabio went home over Stefan when they claim they don't take past into account. Stefan should have gone. Ugh.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
im really going to miss fabio.. im sure stefan will win, but im kinda liking carla now! and id love to try that nonalcoholic drink she made, it looked great!
teegaall teegaall 8 years
GO CARLA!!! Sorry for "shouting" but I'm happy to see her make it to the finals. She has been on quite a roll lately! That's rough that Jeff pretty much did second best in the elimination challenge but had to go home because he didn't win. But I guess that's fair since he was already eliminated before.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
1. i LOVED fabio's hair, and i'm sad that we won't get to see THAT much more of it. i liked Jamie's new hair cut too - shorted and blonder 2. I love him, i think that he brings something new to the show 3. It was - you knew that they were going to put a twist on it for the finale episode. 4. sure - i think that it was fair - it's a reality show and you have to realize that nothing's absolute. at least it worked out the way that it did for the chefs. 5. it certainly did. i don't know if it was because they realized during their time off that they didn't look so great on TV...who knows. 6. Not really - he seems to be really comfortable with that style of cooking/food 7. i'm not surprised - it's not her style of cooking. she's really amazing at other things, so it's ok that she's not the best at shucking. 8. um, ....YES! 9. i think that it was a smart move. why make something that's not you - ya know? it's all about putting your personal spin on the direction of the challenge, and she stayed true to herself. 10. i really hope Carla wins - i like her and the 2nd half of the season really has shown her in a good light. the first half i was so ready for her to go home, but now i'm rooting for her.
WriterChick54 WriterChick54 8 years
I'm going to miss Fabio!
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