The season finale of Top Chef kicked off last night in New Orleans. It was refreshing to see the return of Gail Simmons and delightful to see ex-Food Network king, Emeril Lagasse, in a different light. To discuss all the delicious details (warning: spoilers ahead)


  1. What do you think of the new haircuts?! Carla has gone straight and Fabio has gone mohawk!
  2. Emeril Lagasse: love him or hate him?
  3. Was it nice to see the eliminated chefs? I was so glad to see Jamie!
  4. Was the quickfire challenge where they brought back one of the eliminated chefs a fair twist?
  5. Doesn't it seem like the female cheftestants were wearing more makeup?
  6. Were you surprised Jeff won the crawfish quickfire?
  7. Wasn't it crazy when Carla confessed that she had little experience shucking oysters? I mean, I can shuck them!
  8. Is Stefan overly confident?
  9. Was Carla's non-alcoholic cocktail too risky or perfectly brilliant?
  10. So who is going to win?!