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Top Chef Recap 5.7: Focus Group

After a two week break, Top Chef was back last night with an exciting new episode. We were introduced to Gail Simmons' replacement judge, Toby Young, a vicious British foodie. We watched the chef's get creative in the kitchen and critical at the dining table. If you're anxious to discuss all the delicious details (warning: spoilers ahead!),


  1. What exactly did the Diet Dr. Pepper have to do with the quickfire challenge? Was it a requirement to use the soda in the sugar-free dessert?
  2. Don't you just love Fabio? He's hilariously Italian: The guy actually thinks the reason guest judge Jean-Christophe Novelli didn't like his dessert is because the Frenchman is still bitter about France's loss to Italy in the World Cup!
  3. Whose dessert was the most mouth-watering? I wanted to try Leah's strawberry balsamic crepes!
  4. Do you agree with Radhika: does Stefan create stress in the kitchen?
  5. Was it a good idea or bad idea for Jamie to make scallops again?
  6. Did group B have an advantage because they cooked knowing Toby Young, and that they would be judged by their fellow competitors?
  7. Is Toby Young saying it how it is or just plain rude?
  8. Will the chefs cook differently now that they know what it's like to be a judge?
  9. Why didn't Fabio's undercooked lamb get mentioned at judges' table?
  10. Did they send home the right two cheftestants?

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