Top Chef was back last night with an entertaining episode that promoted eating local, seasonal, fresh-from-the-farm cuisine. It was fun to see the cheftestants out of the city. Dan Barber and Top Chef season 3 winner Hung Huynh were the guest judges. To chat about everything that happened and who got kicked off (warning: spoilers ahead),


  1. Were you glad to see Hung? I was!
  2. What did you think of the rapid, processed food quickfire challenge? Was spam a sponsor, or what?
  3. If Hosea had not shared the spam, could Stefan still have won?
  4. Leah and Hosea? Stefan and Jamie? Do you think the teams were set up?
  5. Did Ariane have any input on her team's menu?
  6. What was your favorite Fabio moment? Mine was "trees everywhere...doesn't look like we are going to the Whole Foods market."
  7. Was anyone else confused by team lamb? What's the difference between lamb and baby lamb...isn't lamb a baby?
  8. Was Padma wearing the same outfit she wore on the first episode? Gasp!
  9. Did Leah and Hosea screw Ariane?
  10. Was Toby Young more subdued this week, or was it just Bravo's editing?