One of the most important episodes — restaurant wars — came and went last night on Top Chef. Did you watch? To discuss the episode (warning spoilers ahead),


  1. Do you know who Stephan Starr is?
  2. Whose quickfire dish looked the best?
  3. What did you think of Radhika and Leah being the restaurant chefs/owner?
  4. In terms of relationships, did Leah and Hosea totally screw up? How would you feel as one of their significant others?
  5. Should a chef be expected to be good in the front of the house?
  6. Can you believe Jamie did scallops again?
  7. Did Bravo know the freezer didn't work?
  8. Does Leah have an attitude problem?
  9. Who would you have sent home: Leah or Radhika?
  10. Carla's "sending the love theory": thoughts?