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Top Chef: Seven Deadly Chefs (Episode 9 Recap)

Finally, a new episode of Top Chef! Last night found our favorite fledgling chefs dealing with a seven course meal based on the seven deadly sins. First of all, let me say, I think this is a fantastic idea. Now, I might not have been as excited as Cliff was, but I did think it was clever. But first, let's back up and start at the Quickfire challenge. To check out my full Top Chef recap,

The Quickfire challenge was also based on the number seven. The seven remaining chefs each had to use one of the seven colors of the rainbow to create a monochromatic dish. Betty lost out with her limp looking plate of oddly arranged green vegetables and much to my surprise, the winner was Michael, with a tasty looking salmon and carrot chips. Now I had pretty much given up on Michael and was really thrilled for him, but I just kept wondering where this new found "game" of his came from. Another interesting anecdote from the Quickfire was that Cliff is actually colorblind. He drew the purple knife and managed to do a dish that included eggplant and beets.

After the Quickfire, the chefs learn that they'll be catering a seven course meal for actress Debi Mazar. Then each chef was assigned one of the seven deadly sins. From here on out, the show turned into some wild bizarre look at chefs acting like elementary school kids. Name calling, backstabbing, and jokes about virginity. Sadly, it made for some pretty good TV.

Here's what everyone ended up making:

In the end, Betty was let go for serving three unproperly strained soups in champagne flutes. There was a point during this season where I really liked Betty, but the last few episodes, I have just been waiting for her to leave. I'm not really sure, but something about her just rubs me the wrong way.

Now for the big shocker of the evening, the winner was Michael with envy. Yep that's right, even judge Tom Colicchio said, "Our Michael did this?" That means he won both the Quickfire AND Elimination challenge. And to be honest, I really disliked him and wished he was off the show, but now he seems like the biggest underdog, and I can't help it, I really love an underdog. Although I would be fully disapointed if he became the Top Chef.

Now for some things I want to comment on about the episode:

  • Bravo TV editing fooled me. They talked with Marcel so much, I surely thought he would be the one to get the boot.
  • Michael's mouth... seriously what kind of a dentist did he go to???
  • I am so glad people called Marcel out over the foam.
  • Sam and Ilan totally snap on Marcel. Sam, I half expected it, but Ilan, I thought he was the resident nice guy. Guess everyone has their boiling points.
  • What was with Marcel hand feeding one of the guests!? And, what is up with him in general?
  • Ted Allen should be a permanent fixture on the show. My opinion of Gail goes back and forth, but I know where I stand on Ted. I like him there, let's keep him.

So how about you guys, what did you think?

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