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Top Chef Vegas Recap: Episode 11, "Strip Around the World"

Top Chef Vegas: Episode 11

After a brief hiatus with last week's Fabio-hosted reunion dinner, we went back to Vegas — and into Padma's hotel room — for this week's episode of Top Chef.

The final six chefs started things off by cooking breakfast in bed for their fearless hostess and her celebrity chef friend Nigella Lawson. For the elimination challenge, each contestant created a dish for a party, drawing inspiration from different casinos on the strip. Who was playing to win? Let's talk about it when you


  1. I love how Nigella said Eli's dish "would be" good hangover food — you know, in theory. Whose quickfire dish would you want to eat if you were hungover?
  2. How did you feel about Nigella as a guest judge?
  3. What casino do you think would be hardest to base a dish around?
  4. Kevin's dish looked great, but can anyone explain what it had to do with the Mirage?
  5. Why do you think Jennifer has seemingly lost so much of her confidence?
  6. With all the focus on Bryan's son and family life, did you think he might get kicked off?
  7. Isn't it odd that the remaining guys are sharing a room? Shouldn't they be able to spread out by now?
  8. What was up with the wind in that party venue?
  9. Are buffalo wings something you associate with New York City? What iconic NYC food would you riff on in Michael's position?
  10. How do you feel about who won and lost?

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eshellmoyer eshellmoyer 7 years
9. No, but I do associate them with firefighters upstate, so it wasn't too far off the mark. I associate spaghetti and chili with NYC firefighters. 10. Robin should have gone home because she violated like ten of the cardinal Top Chef rules when she came up with her dish. Seriously, a soft milk based dessert? I would like it if contestants watched other seasons and realized that this NEVER works out well. Also, sugar art would probably work out for one of the small scale challenges where they stay in one place, but it was a bad choice for this one.
bellaraquela bellaraquela 7 years
1 - I love eggs benedict and especially when I'm hungover, but not a huge fan of sauerkraut and eggs?! I would probably pick Kevins! 2 - I love her....and so do all of my guy friends - it must be the accent! 3 - I think Excalibur seems like it would be hard....but not as hard as Jen made it 4 - Yeah, I was wondering the same thing - salmon and veggies = tropical?! 5 - I think she puts a lot of pressure on her self to do well and being in the bottom three has ruined her confidence (totally agree with myfairlady) 6 - I think Bryan is an amazing chef with a lot of talent, I hope that missing his family doesn't turn into losing it (like Jen) 7 - Its so funny I thought the same thing when I saw that 4 guys in the same room....way too much man smell happening in that room! 8 - It was random that the wind was that crazy - where was it coming from, wonder if it had an open roof or something? 9 - I think of them as NY but not NYC...too me it would be street food, like a hotdog or pizza that is iconic NYC to me. 10 - I think it was finally time for Robin to go home, how hard is panna cotta....what did she do in her 3 hours, the spun sugar that didn't work?! I'm not sure if Michael's was the best, but it was really creative, I always look forward to seeing what he does. I agree on the boring episode...I kept waiting for some excitement to happen
Smilesp Smilesp 7 years
I thought Eli should have gone as his dish sounded and looked absolutely revolting.
mannylove mannylove 7 years
I was disappointed with the episode, very blah & it's a shame b/c I love Nigella, not her fault though. I didn't think the challenge was the slightest bit interesting & they didn't really focus on the fact they were catering for such a large amount of people. I don't know, on to the next...seemed like Eli's dish was a lot worse but they were itching to get rid of Robin for so long now, kind of strange.
partysugar partysugar 7 years
Relli80: so true. It was a boring episode!
syako syako 7 years
I think the top 3 from this episode's elimination challenge will be the final three. I hope so too, because I think those three are by far the most talented. I don't think they showed the son stuff with Byran because he's about to leave, I think they just have more time/less chefs to feature and it was kind of endearing. Ok, Robin's gone so they call all now stop b!thcing about it! Gosh that got annoying. To be honest I thought Nigella was a little snooty and pretentious. Not how I roll. :)
Relli80 Relli80 7 years
I was so bored by the episode last night I can hardly remember all the details. I felt before the show even started that this is the one Robin would leave on. Thank goodness.
Mariana48 Mariana48 7 years
1. I liked Kevin's the most...if I ate meat 2. She was great! 3. I think Jen had a really tough draw, Excalibur was hard for sure 4. lol no 5. I think that as each episode goes by, there's more pressure, and she's not coping well with it. It sucks cause I definetely liked her cooking say 3 episodes back. Hope she gets it together 6. NOOO... at least I hope not! 7. Weird... 8. ? 9. Yeah, sort of, I live in NYC and all the bars have them, they are kind of iconic. His dish looked really great so I wouldn't have done anything different 10. Im sooo glad Robin finally left, she should have gone like 5 episodes ago, its funny that she's proud she stayed like 11 elimination challenges but was on the bottom 3 in every one of them!!. And Michael winning was the best! :)
myfairlady93 myfairlady93 7 years
1. Never been hungover, so I wouldn't know what to choose for hangover food. But overall, the dish that looked best to me was Kevin's. 2. I thought that she did a good job. 3. Excalibur and the circus one for sure. How do you figure out what to make from medieval times and a circus? 4. Maybe something like the broth was water and...I'm trying to figure it out, but can't. 5. I think that she's exhausted, and then the fact that she's constantly been in the bottom lately, breaking her self-esteem, and obviously she beats herself up for not doing her best. I am really hoping she gets it together, because she is one of my faves. 6. No, I just thought that now that we're getting near the end they just wanted to highlight everyone's lives and stories a little bit more, considering most of the chefs were talking about when or why they started cooking. 7. I totally thought that. There has to be how many extra bedrooms in that house now, why would they still want to share? 8. Not really sure, but it was annoying. 9. Kind of. I thought that his dish looked the best and was the one I wanted to try most from the elimination challenge. 10. I'm cool with Michael winning and really happy that Robin is finally gone!
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
nigella is fab! love her!
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