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Tortas and Medianoche Cubano Sandwiches

After Midnight Tortas

What is a torta, and what does it share in common with the popular Cubano sandwich? Between the Bread investigates.

The Cubano sandwich and the Mexican torta have more than a few things in common: both hail from Spanish-speaking cultures, both share characteristics with toasty subs, and both sandwiches make perfect after-midnight sustenance.

Keep reading to learn more Latin sandwich history.

The Cubano actually earned the nickname medianoche, or midnight, for its role as a post-dancing snack. But as I recently proved after tearing up the dance floor at a wedding in Chicago, followed by a little honky tonk at Carol's Pub until 3 a.m., the torta makes an equally suitable meal after medianoche.


I can't remember what this place was called — does it really matter? — but I do know that I scarfed down a chicken torta there, and it hit the spot.

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