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Trend Alert: Restaurants With Beer Lists

"Would you like to see the beer list?" may sound like a silly question, until you realize how serious some restaurants are taking their beer selections these days. I recently had dinner at a restaurant in San Francisco called The Monk's Kettle, which actually suggests beer pairings alongside its entrees. Good thing, too, since the intimidating beer menu features more than 100 brews.

The whole experience really made me appreciate the rich variety of beer and how the different flavors complement certain foods — something I usually only think about with wine. Extensive beer lists, and the pairing of those beers with food, are definitely growing trends in restaurants, so to hear more about it,


One of the quickfire challenges on this season of Top Chef had the cheftestants creating dishes to pair with beer, and the trend isn't limited to TV shows.

One beer aficionado in New York City has created an entire website, called Beer Menus, devoted to spotlighting beer lists at restaurants and bars. Places like Monk's Kettle in SF and Beerbistro in Toronto focus on acquiring a wide variety of brews and cooking dishes to match. Some restaurants are even hiring beer sommeliers to handle the task.

What do you think about this trend? Do you appreciate a good beer list? Do you ever think about pairing beer with food? Have you been to any of the restaurants following this trend?


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