Sure, sandwiches from the grocery store don't exactly have a reputation for being the tastiest kind. Make that a sandwich from a grocery store that used to be a gas station, and you might want to run the other way. But Nancy shows how one turkey club sandwich from Pensacola, FL, might just change your mind.

Sometimes, sandwiches taste better when they're totally unexpected — for instance, served at a grocery store in an old gas station in Florida. Equally unexpected: finding forgotten, six-month-old photos on my laptop that are making my mouth water all over again.

See the pictures — and more — when you keep reading.

On my last trip to P'cola, we lunched at East Hill Market, which is located inside an old service station and still feels like one. Thankfully, instead of jerky, they sell sandwiches like this. My mom and I went halfsies on a turkey club panini with pesto and this incredibly delectable avocado and red pepper on wheat.


It's been so long I don't really recall all of the minute details of the sammies, but the photos pretty much speak for themselves, don't you think?

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