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Would You Eat Horse Meat?

Horse MeatIf you've long considered equine eating to be verboten, you certainly wouldn't be the only person. But hold your horses, because proponents are making quite the case for why Americans should eat more horse meat. At the United Horsemen's first-ever Summit of the Horse event this week, ranchers, horse owners, and lawmakers reconsidered horse slaughter and what it could mean for the meat processing industry.

The Globe and Mail's Mark Schatzker made the case for eating horse meat as well, waxing poetic about the meat as "surprisingly delicate, with a whisper of gaminess that tells you the animal you're eating didn't spend its life digging its snout into a trough full of corn." What's more, the practice is widely accepted around the world, and horse slaughter is surprisingly humane, according to slaughter experts.

I've never had horse meat, but I'm not ruling it out down the road. The one thing truly sets me back is that gory horse head scene from The Godfather.

Source: Flickr User Daniel Panev

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austintx0505 austintx0505 6 years
No, horse slaughter is NOT surprisingly humane everywhere. In America we have a problem with people buying horses at auction and taking them across borders where they are NOT slaughtered in a humane way! They are locked in stalls and shot in the head. This doesn't always work and have to be shot several times. (the reports and news investigations just get worse from that point, with video to boot)
audurinse audurinse 6 years
I'm Icelandic and I when I was little i vowed never to eat horse meat because I love horses but I not so long ago i tried it for the first time and I like it very much. When done right horse meat is amazing!
ticamorena ticamorena 6 years
i've had it before - it tastes fine, somewhat "gamey" and lean - and live in a country where they sell it in supermarkets. i don't have a moral problem eating horse, provided the animal is reared in an appropriate manner for its species, though to be honest, i don't see the point as there is enough meat of all other sorts and horses are much more useful for other things than their meat
Soniabonya Soniabonya 6 years
I don't think they're going to go out to the barn and pull the trigger on Black Beauty. I think the article is pertaining to slaughtering the wild horses from round ups in Arizona, Nevada, Montana and Wyoming. It would be these horses, that would be put up on the menu. That being said, I still wouldn't eat horse meat. The thought kind of sickens me. In the past I have eaten elk, bison, deer, etc. but horses, I just couldn't.
Ladyseven Ladyseven 6 years
There are horse-meat specific butcher shops in France, and though I've never tried it, I understand it. Seriously, that is a LOT of meat per animal, and from a Devil's advocate type view, why wouldn't you? It's not too different from the many 4-legged animals that Western humans eat; pig, cow, deer, sheep etc. If you didn't know it was horse, you would probably eat it. I'm mainly turned off by the "gamey" description...
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 6 years
I could never do slaughter is usually inhumane and they mostly all use to be someones pet :(
SEAtoNYC SEAtoNYC 6 years
I tried it while studying abroad in Europe. It was just OK - not memorable. I probably wouldn't eat it again.
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 6 years
"Whatever makes your peanut butter Skippy!" I love that.
imLissy imLissy 6 years
Well, I like pigs better than horses and I eat pork, so I'd probably try it. I'm not a big meat eater though.
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
Not for me. Not even with bacon. But, as in all things culinary, it is a personal choice. In other words, whatever makes your peanut butter Skippy!
vizslalvr vizslalvr 6 years
Horse, dog, and cat are really the only things I would never try. It's arbitrary, sure, but that's how I feel. I've had rabbits, turtles, fish, and hogs as pets as well and don't have a problem consuming them.
finzup finzup 6 years
I don't think it will catch on in America.. look at how hard it's been for Bison or Venison to catch on and neither one of them is a "family pet" ...
chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 6 years
Whoa....Trigger!!!!....."You can stuff them but no way can you eat them"....(Mr R Rogers)
Skorpio Skorpio 6 years
No animal deserves to have its life taken for selfish consumption. What a terrible habit to eat dead bodies. =o
sumire sumire 6 years
Ate it plenty of times when I lived in Japan...there it's a particular breed that's used for meat. It was honestly extremely delicious...when we'd go out for Korean BBQ we'd usually get it as an appetizer, served raw with soy, ginger and daikon to dip it in.
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