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annamonette annamonette 3 years

Yes, you are right. The change has been made.

Shawn15270263 Shawn15270263 3 years
You're Philly Cheese Steak pic is wrong, should have Cheez-wiz on it instead of provolone. Also I would have to say Chicken corn soup or Scrapple might be more of a PA dish as it has wide appeal outside of Philly Area
demeterneal demeterneal 4 years
"Native Indians"?!?! really?
ameliajc ameliajc 4 years
I second the comment from @Jerrod2907907. Mountain Stack Cakes might be something made in TN, but they're not the iconic dish. Never heard of them.
Craig2936494 Craig2936494 5 years
 @Susannah Chen Oh Susannah! (Don't you cry for I'm sure you have NEVER heard that before! ;) Torch Lake is AWESOME! I have never seen bluer water in my life! Not only do famous people have houses there (Kid Rock and Bob Seger to name a few) There's wonderful views and a great beach. I DJ'ed a private party there once (I'm a radio DJ) and it was phenomenal! And the whole Northern Lower Michigan area is like the food! From the Mackinac Bridge to Manistee, hug the Lakeshore and eat your whole way down!
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 5 years
 @Craig2936494 I've been to Torch Lake in the IS lovely. I'm so bummed I haven't made it to Traverse City yet!
Craig2936494 Craig2936494 5 years
 @Susannah Chen It's one of the prettiest places on Earth Susannah. In Summer or Winter...watching the blue blue water on West Traverse Bay, the smell of cherry pie wafting through the air...feeling the cool Lake breezes. I lived and worked in the region 3 different times and the thought of the area never fails to put a smile on my face. Cape Cod, Vail, San Diego are all nice, but Northern Michigan does it for me.
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 5 years
 @Craig2936494 It's on my bucket list!
Craig2936494 Craig2936494 5 years
 @Susannah Chen and quite the festival it is! 500,00 invade a city of 15,000 for 10 days of cherries, a weekend airshow, music fireworks and 80% of the cherry events are totally free! Put on by thousands of volunteers...quite the spectacle.
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 5 years
@Craig2936494 Craig2936494 — Noted. Makes sense, given the fact that the National Cherry Festival is in Traverse City.
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 5 years
Craig2936494 — Noted. Makes sense, given National Cherry Festival in Traverse City. 
Craig2936494 Craig2936494 5 years
Hate to break the news to you, but no cherries are grown IN Montmorency County, Michigan. Montmorency cherrise ARE grown in Michigan, but the cherries are grown closer to Lake Michigan. Most cherries are grown in the Grand Traverse/Leelanau country area. %75 of the tart cherries in the US are grown there, not in Montmorency County.
Scott2929771 Scott2929771 5 years
Your friends and family are defective. @Nellie2902885 
wyldstallyns wyldstallyns 5 years
Not everyone in Massachusetts/Boston has an accent. No one calls it "Beantown" and many locals don't call it "chow-dah"...
Brant2914882 Brant2914882 5 years
I have to agree with cheesedipguy. I grew up in Hot Springs Arkansas, and cheese dip was always available... Superbowl, Thanksgiving, Christmas... didn't matter. Not sure how chicken and dumplings got picked, but I would have gone with cheese dip.
deanscabbage deanscabbage 5 years
This post makes want to visit all 50 states and eat them up!  For Florida, I would have picked Key lime pie, but I like the Cuban too. :)
cheesedipguy cheesedipguy 5 years
As an Arkansan who is a big fan of chicken and dumplings, I don't recall hearing that it has any kind of connection to the state.  Now, on the other hand, Arkansas is the home to the ultimate comfort food, cheese dip and even celebrate it with the World Cheese Dip Championship.  There is also a documentary that can be found online called In Queso Fever- A Movie about Cheese Dip.  It's quite entertaining and educational. haha  The pic of the chicken and dumplings did look tremendous though.  Thanks
Sarah2909679 Sarah2909679 5 years
Oh, and thumbs up on the sugar cream pie for Indiana!!  A Hoosier specialty for sure.
Sarah2909679 Sarah2909679 5 years
Love this post call those Maryland crab cakes??  I don't think so.  Those are what a restaurant in Ohio or North Dakota would call Maryland crab cakes.
Sharon2909152 Sharon2909152 5 years
Usually the iconic Utah food is considered to be fry sauce.   Agreed on pork roll for New Jersey.   I suppose you could have buffalo wings for New York. You could also have Rochester white hot dogs, the Nick Tahou garbage plate, or the spiedie.   Rhode Island, I usually think of their clear clam chowder, as opposed to the cream-based New England one.
denm7510 denm7510 5 years
 @Grinnifer I have several groups of friends and family that have moved to other parts of the country and I have to regularly overnight them chilled boxes of jersey goodies that you can't get anywhere else and those boxes always contain pork's all made in Trenton and you really can't find it anywhere else on the planet, lol. I'm probably moving to Florida in a few months and am still trying to figure out who I'm going to get to go thru all the trouble of sending me a care package once in a while with some pork roll in it, haha.
denm7510 denm7510 5 years
 @HoneyBrown1976 ...And Tomatoes
denm7510 denm7510 5 years
Since when is Alaska and it's delicious king crab legs and the "Most dangerous profession; crab fishing"....IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN?????? According to the writers of this article, Sarah Palin can no longer see Russia from her home, but she can see parts of Scandinavia at this point.
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