When I was a camarera (bartender in Spanish) at En Boga (in Cordoba Spain) we had the cutest little cocktail napkins with the En Boga (in vogue) logo. When a new customer approached the bar, a clean napkin had to be placed in front of them before asking, que te pongo (what can I get you)? Often overlooked, the cocktail napkin adds a polished touch to the presentation, especially when handing off your drink to a guest. Oh and did I mention they are 100% practical and actually serve the function of acting as a coaster, a plate, or a finger cleaner? Without cocktail napkins, your bar is incomplete. Cocktail napkins come in almost every color and pattern, so you can find the one that best suits your needs as a hostess. For summer - and margaritas! - I love these brightly striped cocktail napkins. A pack of 20 is the reasonable price of just $4.75, so buy two packs.

For a few more styles

Cocktail napkins can be monogrammed with a quote, birthday message, or image. These engraved napkins would be ideal for an over the top bachelorette party. Maids of honor factor it into your budget (these will totally make the party more memorable) - 100 napkins for $28.95.

Add a touch of elegance to your bar with these modern black and white floral vine cocktail napkins. The vibrant print pairs perfectly with a
Classic Martini

or vodka tonic. These are 25 cents cheaper than the striped ones and total at $4.50 for a pack of 20.