If you ask any home cook what her favorite kitchen utensil is, I guarantee that at least half of them (if not more) will say her wooden spoon. A great kitchen spoon is a must have. Without one there is no tasting of broth, no mixing of cookies, none of that. When choosing a kitchen spoon, you want to make sure you pick one that is made from quality materials, if it's wooden, it shouldn't splinter and if it's plastic, it shouldn't melt. You also want to make sure that the spoon you choose is the correct length and size.

To get around the length problem, you might consider a set of 3 wooden spoons. These spoons are made from a French cherry hard wood with a closed grain and come in three different sizes. The sizes, which are 12", 14" and 16", are perfect for stirring items in a tall stock pot, or in a 1" frying pan. Set of three available for $17.50.

If you're more into fashion than form, you might be interested in the Happy and Cheeky spoon set. Available in several different colors (including orange, blue, red and green), these melamine spoons are sure to liven up the kitchen. I don't know how you couldn't smile at this dishwasher safe pair. Set of two for $10.00.

Two more spoons, including one with a unique design, so

Another wooden spoon worth looking at is the maple scraping spoon. This spoon, which is made from solid maple, has a unique flat end that is perfect for scraping the bottom of pans or bowls. It will be available beginning March 21 and will retail for $5.95.

Although these spoons aren't cheap (they're $9.95 each), the curvy spoons from the orka company, are made from brightly colored silicone. The best part about these ones is that not only are they great looking, but they're ergonomic, heat-resistant and dishwasher safe. The other thing I really like about them is that unlike wooden spoons, a complete silicone spoon won't run the risk of scratching non-stick surfaces.