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Top Chef Producers to Create NBC Restaurateur Show

From Magical Elves, the producers of Bravo's Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, and the soon-to-air Top Chef: Just Desserts, comes yet another reality TV show, tentatively titled United Plates of America.

Unlike its sister productions, United Plates will air on NBC. The premise: aspiring restaurateurs compete in a number of challenges involving the restaurant's concept, cuisine, management, and marketability. The judges' panel will include wealthy investors in the culinary and business world.The prize is being called "among the biggest in reality show history" — the winner will receive a restaurant chain that opens in four locations across the US — funded by the investors themselves. "It's a culinary competition that anybody can take part in," said executive producer Dan Cutforth. "All you need is a great idea for a restaurant."

Finally, a different foodie reality TV concept. This show could be wildly captivating and educational, because the average American viewer doesn't have an inkling of knowledge about the operations behind a restaurant. I would definitely tune in to check out the show. What about you?

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Spectra Spectra 7 years
I'd watch it...I've always been very curious about how to run a restaurant. I think it'd be very interesting to watch.
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