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Using Fruit to Trap Fruit Flies

Dealing With Annoying Little Fruit Flies? Do This!

Fruit flies are a pesky kitchen menace that always seem to appear when the produce is plentiful, like right now at the end of Summer. Peaches, tomatoes, melons, squash, and grapes attract these teeny brown bugs that multiply in mere minutes. Don't be scared if you're facing an infestation, it's easy to outsmart fruit flies. Read more to learn how you get rid of fruit flies.

  1. Place a large piece of cut fruit (I used a wedge of grapefruit) in a disposable container.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and tape at the bottom to seal. Once the fruit flies are trapped inside you don't want them to get out.
  3. With a toothpick, poke 8-10 holes in the plastic wrap.
  4. Place in a open spot in the kitchen. Make sure that any other fruit you have on hand is in the fridge. You want the fruit flies to go for the cut fruit in the trap.

In a couple of hours, most or all of the flies will be trapped in the plastic-enclosed container. Discard immediately. Have you ever dealt with fruit flies?

rachmolly rachmolly 6 years
i use red wine vinegar. same idea as the beer.
Meaghan-Haddenhorst Meaghan-Haddenhorst 6 years
Thanks for the tip! Those pesky things can really put a damper on your appetite while they are hovering over your fruit!
LinneyKim LinneyKim 6 years
You can also set some red wine in a cup and do the saran wrap thing with holes... I found it to be the quickest way to get rid of the fruit flies!
lexycon lexycon 6 years
i had a horrible fruit fly problem in my kitchen until i discovered three dead flies in the bottom of my bottle of dishwashing detergent. it turns out they are nearly powerless to resist it the stuff. i poured a good bit into a ramekin, set it on my kitchen counter, and by the next day, nearly a dozen flies had taken the bait!
hdalsy hdalsy 6 years
I open a can or bottle of beer. The flies go straight in and drown, no need to worry about them flying back out.
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