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Vermont Farmstead Cheeses

Artisanal Pick: Vermont Farmstead Cheese

Vermont is home to some of the best cheese in America, and The Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company is a worthy one to know for several reasons. First, the cheese company formed as a community effort between a group of locals and investors to save a dairy farm on the brink of closure in South Woodstock, VT. The group then created a farmstead, meaning the company makes its cheeses from the milk produced on its dairy farm, rather than buying the milk from a separate farmer. It also happens to produce a number of award-winning cheeses. We first discovered Vermont Farmstead at the Fancy Food Show, and since then have fallen for two of its cheeses, the Lillé and AleHouse Cheddar.

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For $20 a pound, Lillé has been described as the Vermont rendition of Coulommiers, a French soft cheese and predecessor to brie. While a bit runny, the core is slightly thicker than brie and the entire wheel is enveloped in a neutral-tasting white rind. Lillé has a silky, viscous texture and grassy, mushroom-like flavor. A crusty baguette is the only vessel you need to transfer the gooey bits to your anxiously awaiting palate.

AleHouse Cheddar

Ale in unlikely foods is a growing trend, and this AleHouse Cheddar ($8 for 7 ounces) is a perfect marriage. The hoppy, sharp cheddar will be shocking to unexpecting palates, but those who love a good, hearty IPA will appreciate the robust, boozy cheese. We enjoyed pairing the cheddar with a fruity but bitter California pale ale, Firestone Pale 31. The company recommends melting the cheese for fondue, which we can imagine is a wise decision on a cold night.

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