A week ago, nonconformist food writer Anthony Bourdain, slow food queen Alice Waters, and celebrity pastry chef Duff Goldman took the stage at Food For Thought, a panel discussion that took place in Hartford, CT. There, the three rather different famous food figures discussed, among many other subjects, sustainable food, last meals, celebrity status, and food aphrodisiacs.

Waters made no mention of Bourdain's recent comments about her — in an interview with DCist, he spewed, "Alice Waters annoys the living s**t out of me . . . There's something very Khmer Rouge about Alice Waters that has become unrealistic." While the two got along, they expressed contrasting views on the local and organic food movement. To learn their standpoints and view a clip of the titillating discussion,


The Chez Panisse founder challenged people to find out where their food comes from: "You can have the hot dog, but . . . I want to know that it's a grass-fed beef hot dog. Where did the bun come from?" Bourdain respectfully disagreed. "As a chef, I’m not your dietitian or your ethicist. I’m in the pleasure business . . . My responsibility is to give you the most delicious tomato that I can afford, given the circumstances, and maybe increase the likelihood that you get laid after dinner.”

View the partial footage below and tell me who's right? Alice Waters or Anthony Bourdain? Do they seem to have put their differences behind them?