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Forget Jello Shots! Make Drunken Oreos

Our partner Foodbeast shares breaking food news, trendsetting recipes, and more with us. Today, Geoff Kutnick is making dreams come true with alcohol-infused Oreos.

What if we could get drunk off Oreos?

There's something special about those charcoal-black, CPG-manufactured things that have become "America's and Milk's Favorite Cookie." We all know the deal. Even if you open up a pack in the midst of a health-conscious, meat alternative, calorie-counting office they still find a way to disappear down our gullets.

This cult fandom led to millions subscribing to the Oreo Facebook fan page, in the earlier Facebook years, before content marketing was even close to hitting its peak. Then to capitalize on the hype, we saw dozens of dozens of new limited time and seasonal flavors hit shelves including Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Spice, Root Beer, and the soon-to-be-released Red Velvet Oreos.


And to cut the story short, we decided to make an alcoholic version. Jell-O shots aren't exactly cutting edge anymore. But a drunken cookie? You had me at drunk. Pairs nicely with a white Russian, just in case you want a double dose. We used vodka, but hey, do you boo boo.

The video has all the deets, but all you need is some Oreo pudding mix (we used Jell-O), milk and booze. Voila!

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Special idea thanks to Karishma Tejwani!

Image Source: Geoff Kutnick
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