Folks, straight from the mouths of our friends at Food Network, I have exclusive news that Anthony Bourdain is going to be rejoining the crew at FN. His current contract with the Travel Channel ends next year, and FN has wooed him back over to the "dark side." He'll be helming a new travel-like show, which will have him back behind the stove. In A Chef's Brawl — that's the "working" title — Bourdain will travel the globe and try to outcook some of the most famous chefs in the world. Our Food Network friends are describing it as, "Throwdown meets No Reservations, but with a twist of Mark Bittman." Although something tells me they won't mention the Bittman parts in the ads.

To find out what Bourdain had to say about their newly rekindled partnership,


HA! April Fool's! Did you really think Bourdain would join Food Network again?

Although you know you'd watch if he did. Couldn't you imagine? He and Alton Brown could battle over whose travelogue-eating show reigned supreme!

Oh and if he does rejoin Food Network, don't forget that you read it here first!

Hope you have a happy April Fool's day!