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Wait, Carne Asada or Carnitas, Which One's the Beef?

If you're not somewhat versed in the Spanish language, heading to your local taqueria can be quite daunting. Often times — at least in my neck of the woods — the meat selection is written in Spanish. There's Pollo, Carne Asada, Pescado and more. If you know what's what, it's easy, you go to the counter and you order your selection. However if you don't know what's what, how do you order?

To help you avoid this dilemma, I've got a quick primer on what meat is what. To discover the difference between camarón and pescado, just



  • Birria — goat or sheep meat, sometimes a combo of both
  • Borrego — lamb
  • Cabra — goat
  • Calamares — squid
  • Camarón — shrimp
  • Carne Asada — beef
  • Carnitas — braised or roasted pork
  • Jamón — ham
  • Mariscos — seafood
  • Pescado — fish
  • Pollo — chicken
  • Puerco — Pork

Some other helpful words:

  • Arroz — rice
  • Barbacoa — barbecue
  • Ensalada — salad
  • Huevos — eggs
  • Menudo — spicy soup made with tripe
  • Queso — cheese


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