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Wake Up and Smell the Oatmeal!

There are some pretty fun alarm clocks out there, but this weekend the internet was abuzz over a different kind of alarm clock. According to Scotland's Daily Record, Quaker Oats is testing a bedside alarm in the UK. Now you'll be able to wake up to a warm bowl of porridge or oatmeal each and every morning.

The device, which is called The Porridgemaid, contains a thermos to keep the milk cold overnight. However, once the alarm goes off, the thermos is heated up and in three minutes you've got yourself a bowl of breakfast. In our ever increasingly fast-paced lifestyles, I suppose every minute counts. However, I could see myself reaching for the snooze button and putting my hand right into a bowl of porridge. It also reminds me of the episode of The Office where Michael cooks his foot, and we all know that that was a completely bad idea. What do you think!?


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