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My mom has always enjoyed unique foods. As a kid I remember her chowing down on plates full of things that I couldn't — at the time — enjoy. One of her fave weird treats happened to be pigs' feet. I always thought she was crazy, why on earth would anyone want to eat feet? Well, turns out she might not be so crazy after all.

In Tokyo, pigs' feet and other collagen rich foods are the latest craze. So much that restaurants are now serving more pigs' feet, jelly drinks, and turtle meat and blood. Soft-shell turtle used to be served mainly to men — it was thought to boost sexual performance — but lately the women are the ones chowing down. Sosuke Myagawa, owner of a soft-shell turtle restaurant said:

There is a lot of collagen in [soft-shell turtle] meals. All our female customers that come to eat collagen say their skins are doing much better the next morning, when they put on makeup.

So there you have it, customers say collagen-loaded foods help their skin. Unfortunately there's no quote from the experts; however, the fact that my mom has amazing skin is proof enough, right?

Now tell me, would you eat turtles or pigs' feet in order to get better skin?


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