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If you're an NFL fan — specifically a Seattle Seahawks one — or a fan of weird flavor experiences, then you better get your credit card out right now. Seattle based Jones Soda Co. is releasing a limited edition box set of sodas created specifically for the Seattle Seahawks. The box, which contains five flavors (Dirt, Sports Cream, Perspiration, Natural Field Turf, and Sweet Victory), will be available online for $19.95 plus shipping. They're taking online pre-orders now, and the sodas will be available in select stores.

If these flavors are anything like their purposely wretched Holiday Editions, then we're all in for a special treat.

Jones Soda spokesperson Clare Bowles told Business Week that the four literally named flavors are "pretty lifelike," while the Sweet Victory one tastes like berries. Bowles adds: "Perspiration Soda is kind of salty tasting."

Ugh, I am totally repulsed, and yet strangely, I want to know where I can pick up a box of my own...

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