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Lea Michele is one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities right now, and it’s clear from her high-energy performances and TV-ready figure that she’s not slacking on her fitness routine. We looked into it and discovered her get-fit secret: it’s the Nike Training Club. NTC is an app that you can download on your iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or iPad® and offers over 70 workout routines designed to hit target fitness goals. It tracks your workouts and the time you’ve clocked. So when you reach certain levels, the app reveals rewards like celebrity and professional trainer workouts and post-workout smoothie recipes. Once you put in 1,000 minutes, you’ll unlock Lea’s personal 15-minute workout routine; the same one that keeps her in amazing shape and super energized.

Just download NTC, choose your goals and skill level, and get started. To get you even more psyched, you can enter for the chance to win some awesome Nike gear (including the amazing Nike Legend pants) that's guaranteed to enhance your Nike Training Club workout. Just do a workout on the Nike Training Club, and tell us about your favorite Get Focused workout from the NTC app below.

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shadspotlight shadspotlight 6 years
Butt Toner all the way!
madamerkf madamerkf 6 years
I like the ab burner as well, since it is one of my problem areas.
Linda2000 Linda2000 6 years
The Ab Burner
felicianiemeier felicianiemeier 6 years
Hot \is hot and this is hot
makingadreamhome makingadreamhome 6 years
I like the Cardio Burst best.
felicianiemeier felicianiemeier 6 years
When I work out if I wear clothes that look pulled together and fit for the exercise it boost my confidence and motivates me to push harder knowing my clothes aren't a distraction.
felicianiemeier felicianiemeier 6 years
My goal is to stay motivated and get back to my goal weight.
leafbeebabe leafbeebabe 6 years
What a great app! The russian twists are my favorite because they stretch out my abs! I can't wait to get a rockin body like Lea Michele!
BlusteryNights BlusteryNights 6 years
NTC is seriously the greatest thing ever. I'm training for a half right now and do the Ab Burner twice a week to keep up my core strength. Works wonders.
cyano cyano 6 years
Back Definer :)
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 6 years
Wish there was a download for the Android Network!!
kwil79 kwil79 6 years
i ike the cardio burst.
JMyers666 JMyers666 6 years
My favorite Get Focused workout is the Cardio Burst. It's got plenty of jumping to get my heart going!
melan26 melan26 6 years
Get Toned!
aa3rs aa3rs 6 years
My favorite workout in the Get Focused series is the shoulder ripper. It makes your shoulders burn so good and also gives you a total body workout since it incorporates squats, deadlifts and planks!
Harshy412 Harshy412 6 years
Oh my favorite but secretly hate because it burns so bad is the ab burner. I'm waiting for the day where I can do it completely through without stopping to break. I am determined!
ThinToBeGirl ThinToBeGirl 6 years
I don't have an iphone :'(
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