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Watch Our Everyday Girl's Journey to Health and Fitness Courtesy of New Balance

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Summer is almost here, so now's the time to get your body ready for that itsy bitsy bikini! If you need some inspiration to jump-start your fitness routine, look to our everyday girl, Rachel, who is teaming up with New Balance and celebrity trainer Holly Perkins for a grueling eight-week fitness regime to get her fit, healthy, and beach ready.

After taking her lifestyle and health needs into consideration, Holly will create an achievable plan of attack and together they'll jump-start her journey to success — a hot bikini body of course!

Tune in and find out what's in store, and don't forget to root her on along the way — good luck Rachel!

rusty220go rusty220go 6 years
Rachel is 5'10" for those of you wondering how tall she is--
Dannie007 Dannie007 6 years
I think it's awesome to show real women doing a pain like this as well. It encourages real women like myself.
Savantrice Savantrice 6 years
Cool idea, nice to see a normal woman doing a plan like this. Only measurement I wish would have been given was her height? Its nice to put all of those other numbers into perspective
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