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Waterbar's Fish and Chips

Would You Eat This Fish and Chips?

Recently at Waterbar, here in San Francisco, I ordered the fish & chips. I was blown away when the waiter brought out an entire rock cod — eyes, fins and all! The fish was battered and deep-fried whole for my eating pleasure. I immediately began to dig in, but some of my friends sharing the gigantic entrée were a little more hesitant. How about you? Could you stomach this unique version of fish and chips?

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skatie07 skatie07 8 years
Heck no, I'm a vegetarian
caligirl101 caligirl101 8 years
umm, barf!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
I would dig in, eat the bones and all the fishy face parts. I am grown up enough to know that meat has a face, and most of the time its a delicacy and super yummy. If anyone i knew actually freaked out after being served this, it would be the end of my friendship for sure.
bleached bleached 8 years
Oh yeah, I would totally eat that. Eaten waaaaaaay worse in Japan and the Philippines...
lily_xx lily_xx 8 years
That fish is going to give me nightmares.
ScrabCak ScrabCak 8 years
I often joke that I never eat anything that didn't have a face, so I'm totally ok with this. In fact my fav sushi is Ama Ebi, at good places after they bring you the shrimp... they also bring you the shrimp head- battered and deep fried of course! I love it!
Tabloid Tabloid 8 years
I would eat it. It's just a fish, gezz.. It's not like a cow head on the dish. >_> The "absolutely not" option is funny. hahah
roxyb roxyb 8 years
Nope - couldn't do it. Also, fish bones are scary to me so I kinda prefer to have a boneless filet.
sharshar sharshar 8 years
It's normal to eat fish that way in the Philippines.
SugarFreak SugarFreak 8 years
I would devour this. I love the whole chili fish you can get at Thai restaurants.
insanitypepper insanitypepper 8 years
I'm ok with the eyes, but the fact that it tastes like fish would be a problem for me.
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 8 years
I would PEE if someone served me this... especially if I'd had a beer or two,lol
sfbutterfly24 sfbutterfly24 8 years
My parents used fight for the eyes and fins when I was little. And one of my favorite memories and one of the things I love the most is having a whole fish. so yummy yummy in the tummy!!!
ayuninur ayuninur 8 years
i would try it..
PinkUnicorn PinkUnicorn 8 years
I would try it because I like to try everything before I decided I don't like it, but I would be upset that it wasn't mentioned on the menu that this is how it would be served....
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
My thoughts exactly deedoucette. I hate having to pick out bones, fat and the innards - other than that - YUMMERS.
Tami715 Tami715 8 years
No way... I like to keep up the illusion of my food not being living things. Kinda can't do that when it's staring at you.
deedoucette deedoucette 8 years
The head doesn't bother's the fact that it's still full of bones. I hate picking fish bones out of things.
Le-Luxe Le-Luxe 8 years
gelita gelita 8 years
i've done it... it's tasty
missyd missyd 8 years
how about we chop off a human head, batter it and deep fry it. Serve it on a platter, surrounded by frieds and coleslaw. Ew
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 8 years
That's horrific. I'd send it back and ask for the head to be cut off and then I still wouldnt eat it. They should warn you when a fish is going to come out with the head on with a dish that doesnt usually include head. Poo.
mominator mominator 8 years
The chips but not the fish. It's not because of the eyes it's because I only it fillet fish now because I got choked on a fish bone when I was a child.
SillyGirl SillyGirl 8 years
My hubby would eat all the bones, heads and fins etc, but he would have to tear the meaty flesh away from me. It looks delicious even if i would waste half of it.
partysugar partysugar 8 years
I wish I had been there with you Yum. It looks amazing.
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