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Wayfare Tavern Salmon Sandwich

A Tale of Two Salmon-wiches

Between the Bread muses that while there's a time and a place for everything, a sandwich (or any meal truly) with a polished pedigree does not always beat out its simplified counterpart.

I've been on a salmon sandwich kick lately, and suddenly I'm finding them everywhere, including on my first visit to Wayfare Tavern. During a rainy lunch, I ordered the salmon club sandwich and a Pimm's Cup.

Featuring avocado-basil aioli, roasted tomato, and bacon on brioche, the sandwich was pretty yummy. Frankly, I'd pay $17 to spend every rainy afternoon at this cozy, bucolic tavern.


But while the fish was outstanding, the sandwich itself didn't seem worth $17 — especially compared to this salmon sammie I enjoyed at an impromptu barbecue in a friend's backyard.

Yes, it's much simpler, but the salmon was just as well-cooked, grilled just enough by my personal chefs, and served on a soft bun with avocado.

I'm not saying one sandwich is necessarily superior to the other — just that simpler and cheaper can be just as good.

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