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Yesterday, my gal BuzzSugar surprised me with a packet of Chocolate Skittles. It was pretty exciting, because not only is it something new, it is also in time for chocolate month.

I heard about this new line of Skittles, but I hadn't actually seen them before. She found them at a local Walgreen's and picked up a pack for us to try.

I'll admit, I was really skeptical before eating these. I imagined them to be a bit odd and sort of so-so. Sadly, I was spot on. There are five flavors inside each pack, and none of them blew me away. They ranged from jelly bean like to Tootsie roll-like. To find out what we thought of each flavor,


Vanilla: These tasted just like vanilla jelly beans (think Easter candy). Also, no one could understand how vanilla made its way into a chocolate mix.

S'mores: There's definitely a toasty marshmallow flavor in here, but I didn't taste the chocolate. It was decent tasting, but someone at the HQ thought it was "like a bad Jelly Belly flavor."

Chocolate Caramel: Once again, no real chocolate flavor. However it was the favorite of more than one person. There's a slight caramely flavor, that was just a tad artificial — although really, are any of these flavors going to be "natural" tasting?

Chocolate Pudding: A lot of people liked this one and thought it tasted just like a cup of pudding. Notice we said cup, like a store-bought pudding cup. Not like real chocolate pudding.

Brownie Bite: This was like the center of a Tootsie-roll pop, only without all the chewyness that makes a Tootsie-roll worth eating. Sort of fudgy, but not great.

Would I buy these again? No, but then they really didn't have much of a chance with me; I'd rather buy a bag of M&Ms or a bag of fruit Skittles, and couldn't see how these were an improvement over either. Yet I can see how, if you were a chocolate fiend, these might just hit the spot. Either way they're worth tasting for yourself, although if you hate them, don't say I didn't warn ya.

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