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Wedding Registry 101: Drinkware

Yesterday I kicked off our wedding registry pointers with some tips on selecting dinnerware. Today I thought we'd jump from dinnerware to drinkware.

Traditionally you should consider registering for everyday glassware, as well as fine crystal and barware. However every couple is unique so go with what suits your needs. If you entertain a lot, you may want a full set of barware, if you don't drink then there's no need. Just don't limit yourself in registry items due to space, from what I understand, once you have the goods, you'll find room for everything. On the flip side, don't register for everything just because you can. Take into consideration what you really want and the number of people who will be attending your wedding.

To check out tips on how to select drinkware, and what you should add to your registry,

  • Most glassware falls into one of two categories: stemware and barware. Stemware is any glass on a stem (except for a martini glass), generally used for water and wine, and barware is any glass with a solid, flat base.
  • In general, you will want to register for the same number of stemware (wine and water goblets) settings and dinnerware place settings.
  • Accidents happen, and more often with glassware than with dinnerware, you may want to consider a few extras in each glass size.
  • When choosing glassware, pick up each glass and hold them. You'll want to make sure that they are comfortable in your hands.
  • The shape of each glass is designed to enhance a certain kind of beverage, so take into account the sort of drinks you serve often.
  • Your everyday glassware should be durable (which doesn't have to mean ugly and boring) and fit easily into your dishwasher and cabinets. A basic everyday set will usually be a 24-pc set that contains 8 highball glasses, 8 double old fashioned glasses and 8 all purpose glasses. If you don't plan on getting fancier versions of these glasses, then be sure that they complement your other selections.
  • When it comes to crystal, know that good crystal is brilliant, clear and flawless. If you see chunks, swirls or seams it's not a good sign. Also, when tapped, good crystal should give off a clear bell-like ring.
  • If you love wine, consider registering for varietal-specific wineglasses.
  • Here are some of the drinkware items you might want to consider adding to your list:

    - Everyday Beverage Glasses (shown)
    - Wine Glasses (Red & White)
    - Water Goblets
    - Champagne Flutes
    - Margarita Glasses
    - Martini Glasses
    - High Ball Glasses
    - Old-Fashioned Glasses
    - Pilsner Glasses
    - Pint Glasses
    - Ice Bucket & Tongs
    - Wine Decanter
    - Bar Tools Set
    - Cocktail Shaker

Know any other tips for selecting drinkware? Share them below! Be sure to check back tomorrow when I cover the next part of the wedding registry: flatware.

Shown: Bergen Stewmware & Barware by Calvin Klein - $31.25 each
Bloomingdale's Everyday Glassware Set 24-pc set $32.00 $24.99

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celebrity_soup celebrity_soup 10 years
dont really like the glasses, the stem is too thick is it stem or handle that u call it? lol i dont know
Season Season 10 years
Moreover, if your families are sporting a ton of fancy crystal and such that you like but don't want to buy, why not borrow for special occasions? Having your mother in law contribute to thanksgiving at your house by bringing her mother's silver could really make a person feel included...brownie points baby. I know my future mother in law is all about table settings and she will be sad when her unique (seriously..never the same one twice) table settings aren't the center of attention.
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
Somehow, we got ALL of our stemware, including red and white wine glasses, champagne flutes, martini glasses and margarita glasses and NONE of our barware (highballs, old fashioneds, etc.) Luckily, we have an entire cupboard full of pint glasses that we've acquired from breweries and bars over the years, so we end up using those a lot. It's very classy. And The Hubs and I opted not to register for crystal stemware because 1, our friends are at our house a lot and we didn't want it to break; 2, we didn't have space to store it (see: whole cupbard dedicated to pint glasses) and 3, between his parents, his grandparents, my parents and my grandparents, I'm pretty sure we're going to be inheriting some somewhere down the line. By the way, I think that the last point is important to keep in mind when doing a registry. If there's something you maybe want down the line but don't need right now, think about whether you stand to inherit something. We found the same thing with our good silver.
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