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Wedding Registry 101: Flatware

So you've picked out your dinnerware and drinkware, looks like the flatware is next!

Just like dinnerware and glassware, you will (traditionally) want to register for both fancy and everyday versions. Your fancy flatware is reserved for holidays and special occasions, while your everyday flatware is the stuff that is going to get banged around and ground up in the garbage disposal (come on, who hasn't done that at least once). You may decide that fancy flatware is not your thing, and that you would rather your guests spend the money on other accessories (soup spoons, knives, serving sets) instead. To check out a few tips on what to look for in flatware, as well as get a list of useful things to add to the flatware portion of your registry,

  • When choosing flatware make sure that the pieces feel balanced in your hand. If it's too heavy it may feel even worse when there's food at the other end.
  • Make sure the flatware you choose complements your chosen dinnerware. The fancy should complement the fancy and the everyday complements the everyday.
  • Choose a good quality stainless steel, 18/10 stainless steel is a combination of steel, chromium and nickel for its shine.
  • A lot of people think it's bad luck to receive knives as a wedding gift. If you think this way and get knives, then turn your "gift" into a financial transaction by giving a penny for each knife to the person who gave you the knives.
  • Your everyday flatware should definitely be dishwasher safe.
  • A five piece place setting includes salad fork, dinner fork, knife, soup spoon and teaspoon.
  • Be sure to choose serving sets that will complement your flatware and dinnerware.
  • If you choose an elaborate design for your dishes, you may want to go simpler in your flatware and vice versa.
  • Register for the same number of place settings as your dinnerware and glassware.
  • A checklist of flatware related items that you might want to consider:
    - 5 piece fancy place settings (get the same number as plates)
    - 5 piece everyday settings
    - Serving Sets
    - Soup Ladle
    - Butter Knife
    - Cheese Knives
    - Chef Knife
    - Steak Knives
    - Paring Knife
    - Bread Knife

Be sure to check back tomorrow when I discuss the stuff everyone wants: appliances.

Shown: Atlas Flatware from Pottery Barn

Join The Conversation
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
At my friend's bridal shower, she got like 3 sets of knives and 4 sets of wineglasses. We were really amused that people thought her marriage would be best served by weapons and alcohol (even she thought it was funny!).
Maggie-Mae Maggie-Mae 10 years
I have to say the Serving Sets, also sometimes called a Host/Hostess Set, has been THE most useful part of the registry that has come out of this category. I use them ALL the time (parties, dinners, you name it). If you are thinking about skimping on the flatware, don't miss out on the service set!
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