Hoping to boost this year's sales — and prove that it's still "waaaay better than fast food" — fast food chain Wendy's has announced plans to unveil a new menu item, boneless chicken wings, later this month. The boneless wings — which will compete head to head with KFC's new Kentucky Grilled Chicken — come in three different flavors: Sweet & Spicy Asian, Honey BBQ, and Bold Buffalo. "Our new Boneless Wings are as far as it gets from fast food," Ken Calwell, Wendy's chief marketing officer, said. "Sweet & Spicy Asian wings are something you'd find at an upscale restaurant."

The new item will set you back $3.99 for seven to nine wings (depending on weight), and will be available in a combo meal for $5.69. Since I'm a buffalo wing fiend, I'll definitely check these out — although I'm skeptical about the idea of them being "upscale restaurant" fare. Still, with McDonald's doing froufrou coffee drinks and Burger King barbecuing ribs, the fast food climate seems to be changing. Do fast food's newest items interest you?