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What Color Is Your KitchenAid?

whirlygirly whirlygirly 8 years
Mine is Clementine orange- she just arrived yesterday!
muse2323 muse2323 8 years
One Thanksgiving, I commended my mom's patience in waiting for her (white) Artisan KitchenAid (30-yrs-old, a wedding present) to die so she could get the red professional one she'd been yearning for. She was right in the middle of whipping the potatoes, and she gave me a withering look and said, "I can't believe you just said that." And she turned on the mixer and nothing above the third speed was working. My dad ran out to buy her the professional model during Black Friday shopping craziness--but KA didn't produce red that year. So my mom's KA is still white, though it's now a professional model. (The following year, KA started making professional red mixers again.)
shannonkay shannonkay 8 years
I got the pink one for Christmas!
chubbieecheeks chubbieecheeks 8 years
I have the white one, but only because it was on sale. I want the green one!
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
don't have a kitchen aid. :( sadness. whenever i get one i don't care what color (except pink!!) it is because i'll be happy to have one :) currently i'm using my moms cusinart mixer from the 80s. i think i broke it last week though making snickerdoodles. ^^;; we'll see when the next time I power it up.
cddlykoala cddlykoala 8 years
I just got my first this Xmas! Its a beautiful medium blue called Reef Blue. It the best present ever
SillyGirl SillyGirl 8 years
Mine is red - which perfectly matches are black white and red kitchen. But I drool over the gunmetal grey ones.
EricaJane EricaJane 8 years
ice blue, and my hand mixer is martha stewart blue. I love the almond color, and the pistachio..
literatured literatured 8 years
black! but I'd love the yellow one :)
loveyoulots loveyoulots 8 years
I'd like a pretty in pink KA or the classic black or white would do. I love the Swarovski crystal idea from the commentor above. I just cannot afford it right now and don't have the space either. One day though one day : )
marinewifey marinewifey 8 years
Mine is ice blue and I love it! My husband got it for me a few years back!
TeejayR TeejayR 8 years
Mine is white because it was a college graduation gift and way back then, that was the only option.
QueenElizabeth QueenElizabeth 8 years
pink... because at the time, if you bought a pink one, some of the money would go to breast cancer research
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
When I get one it will be red. :)
fjaril fjaril 8 years
pro graphite :)
jackowski jackowski 8 years
Santa just brought me the Martha Stewart Blue Collection mixer!
finzup finzup 8 years
I want one but no counterspace to keep it -- and all the cupboards are full -- so until we do a complete redesign of the kitchen (which is coming soon I hope) I won't have a kitchen aid mixer. I did buy one for my sister for Christmas (Tangerine color) and it's so pretty but I think I'd go with the gunmetal gray or possibly the lime green.
Katharine Katharine 8 years
I have a handheld one and it is clementine orange. I love it.
jessie jessie 8 years
RED! just like my toaster, microwave,
megmarmor megmarmor 8 years
tuscan gold
MsSwank MsSwank 8 years
When I was engaged we registered for a really cool black model with sparkles; alas the marriage did not happen hence I didn't get one...yet. They are great but $299 is a lot of dough.
wunami wunami 8 years
I wish I had one of any color. But if I could choose, I'd probably go for red or black. Red of course is their sort of flagship color. And black would look nice in most kitchens. Or I could go with Alton Brown styled painted flames.
verily verily 8 years
Pistachio green. If I had seen the Martha Stewart Blue one first, I would've got that one instead.
marcella marcella 8 years
Mine's a hot orange color! I have a matching KA toaster, blender and coffee grinder.
KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer
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