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Last night was the season premiere of The Next Iron Chef. For the elimination challenge, each of the ten industry vets was asked to cook using a different extreme ingredient. The list ran the gamut from unlaid eggs with fallopian tubes still attached to jellyfish, eel, and sea cucumber.

The putrid-smelling elements, like stinky tofu and durian, would've been the toughest to work with, simply because, when it comes to food, aroma is a component that can't be compromised. But it was the fallopian tube attached to the unlaid egg that really made my stomach turn.

To those of you who tuned in to watch the first episode: Which ingredient was the hardest to work with — and which was the most off-putting? What are your initial thoughts on the show in general?


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mannylove mannylove 7 years
Do they really need a new Iron Chef? I thought the addition of Michael Symon was great, but no need for another. I am happy with the amount they have now & the times they each get for a challenger. I really had never heard of any of these contestants unlike the Michael Symon series, I did recognize Freitag but that was it...
nikkeeb nikkeeb 7 years
I thought Nate was a little bit of a punk, and I almost wonder if that means they'll keep him on longer because of it. I also don't know what was up with the judges. I don't know if they were encouraged/edited to be so contentious, but I did not appreciate it. Disagreement is one thing...even fervent disagreement, but they just took random stabs at each other...unprofessional, sure, but it's the first episode! A little too soon to be bickering in my opinion. My husband and I watched Mehta on Iron Chef America and he was my favorite from the start, but it looks like if he doesn't kick it up a couple of notches, he won't be staying too long. :-\
ncsuemme ncsuemme 7 years
Huck, a decent number of these chefs are pretty damn talented. The general public knows Flay, Batali and Morimoto from Food Network; they were in the public TV eye before Iron Chef America. I can't say this across the board (I simply don't know all of them), but there's talent there. And I agree, YumSugar. Nate seemed to not be able to take any of the negative criticism well.
Food Food 7 years
I went into it rooting for Chef Nate Appleman, but doesn't it seem like he can't stomach any criticism at all on the show?
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