After a weekend of grilling and recipe experimentation, my father and I faced a refrigerator full of food. While we could have eaten the baked beans, ribs, and salads on their own, I came up with a genius new way to use leftovers — as toppings on pizza! For $3 we purchased a "skin" — an extra-large pizza dough with no toppings — from a local pizzeria. From there we got creative. "We don't have tomato sauce," my dad pointed out. No matter. Homemade barbecue sauce acted as a bed for shredded rib meat, grilled green onions, and smoked cheese. All of these items were already in our fridge. With its balls of fresh marinated mozzarella, caprese salad turned into a lovely margharita pizza. Smoked salmon left over from brunch? That was luscious paired with pesto and goat cheese.

Don't be limited to the conventional conception of pizza — shredded chicken would be delicious with grilled peaches, or top dough with chopped hamburger patties, blue cheese, and garlic. Have you ever used leftovers as pizza toppings? What was your most inventive incarnation?