So you've gone and gotten yourself hitched - or maybe you've just moved in with your significant other - and now, along with combining your closets and starting your life together, you've got to figure out what to do with all that cookware. If one of you loves to cook, it should be easier as you probably won't have two sets of everything. However, what do you do when both of you love to cook? Whose frying pans get to stick around and whose are carted off to charity?

  • Begin by taking stock of everything you have. Look through your stuff and see if there's anything you haven't used in a year. If so, toss it out, it's just taking space anyway. Have your partner do the same. If you can't bare to part with things, stick them in a box marked charity. If you don't pull them out of the box in the next year, it's time to say farewell.

  • Next look at the things you have in common. Do you both have microwaves? If so, whose is better? Does yours have a finicky button? Some of the things are going to be easy to determine. While others (maybe you both swear by your saucepans) are going to be more difficult. The key here is for each of you to give a little. After all, you love your honey more than you love your Le Crueset... right?
  • It's okay to break up a set. Sure your lime green pan looks amazing (especially with all the other lime green pans), but don't you prefer the way his skillet cooks things up? If you don't have the room and only use one, go with ability over looks. I'd rather have pretty food than pretty pans!
  • For the rest of our kitchen combining tips,

  • Each of you should keep your favorite tool. That's right, even if it's a ridiculous item he only uses once a year, he gets to keep it. And in return you get to choose one that you get to keep as well.
  • Do the purge together. If you toss out his favorite cast iron skillet without him knowing, happily ever after might be bumpier sooner than expected.
  • You may want to do this way before the wedding (just keep a list of what stays and what goes). You can use the opportunity to discover what should be on your wedding registry.

What did you do when you merged your kitchens? Let us know below!

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